Lumo stickers 10mm (700 per box)

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Our little round lumo stickers are a real pain. They stick to anything. And if you’re planning on partying with them, they will party by themselves long after your party is over. Anyway, we recommend buying at least 5 boxes for your party. 700 stickers in a box means you’ll see them stuck to your furniture for years to come.

And boy, do they glow! Apply UV light to them and they pop. With no UV light, the look like bright circles of fluorescent colour, so get that UV light too.

These stickers are paper-based and stick to hands, faces, glasses, plates, cloth, walls, anything really.

PS: Pinterest “nailed-it” tip: leave the stickers on their wax paper, and have rows of dots hanging vertically or horizontally around the top of the walls of rooms glowing in UV light.

– Box of 700 single colour stickers
– 10mm in diameter
– Stickers glow only under UV light

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Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange